Why Love Wins in a Wedding Industry Rocked by a Pandemic Hearth House

“It is such a happiness when good people get together — and they always do.”
― Jane Austen

It was another Zoom call, my third before noon. I am sitting outside because we are all quarantined at home and my children are loud in the other room playing games and “trying” to do homework. I suppose we are all “trying.” I enter digits into the Zoom call, put my sunglasses and take a deep exhale as I scan their notes. Their cute faces show up on my screen.

Like so many of us, we have been doing this a long time. I have been in the wedding industry for seven years and in hospitality for fifteen years. I have walked under tents, sauntered in banquet halls, hiked grassy fields and casually sat in planning meetings. I have seen concepts being developed, hearts laid out on pages and teams come in all their glory the day of an event.

We are a strange and wonderful kind of human – us hospitality folk. Our hearts are to serve – first. Our desire is to curate goodness, truth and beauty to every person we come in contact with. We want nothing more than to have the opportunity to revel in their hopes and visions. We love the thrill, the adrenaline and the piecing together of something really magical.

And yet, here we are… our industry… at a stand still. The core word of hospitality is hospice which quite literally means “to take care of.” We are the care-takers in a world of panic and frustration. We have been assigned this mountain and it is our proper duty to restore hope back into their fear. It is our proper duty to remind each of our clients that they are seen and heard and their backs are covered. It is our duty to encourage the healing of the wreckage their minds and hearts. It is our job to put the oxygen mask on them first and then ourselves.

But you see, even in all the abruption – our lives are postponed or cancelled but love isn’t. It never has and it never will.

So we posture differently toward this pandemic. We are in the business of love and curating love. The life of the world really needs us. So chin up. Do the work set out before us… we have done harder things before, and we continue to do them.

The sun hits the side of the trees and shades me enough to see their hopeful yet worried faces.

“Hi Guys, I’m Mackenzie. I’m here to help.”

Start there.