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Weekday Weddings are the Secret to Saving

Nov 15 2022

Weekday Weddings are the Secret to Saving

As the cost of virtually everything in our lives has risen, it should not mean your wedding day has to suffer. At Hearth House Venue in Monument, we are committed to making your wedding the most beautiful experience possible without the expensive price tag. One of our biggest pieces of advice for couples planning their wedding in Colorado is to consider booking on a weekday or a weeknight. The best way to save on wedding costs is to book your big day on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  

Sometimes, other businesses you will partner with for your wedding may price their products and services lower on weekdays compared to Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Read more below about how you can save money for your wedding at Hearth House Venue and our dedication to making dream weddings equally accessible for everyone.

Weekdays are the New Weekends for Weddings

Not only is saving money a great reason to book your wedding on a weekday, but your guests who visit from out of town can enjoy more time with you! Leave the weekend surrounding your wedding reserved for more celebrations with the family and friends you do not get to see too often. When the wedding is on a Monday, for example, your out-of-state guests can enjoy more time with you and other loved ones who have gathered in the same areas for your wedding. Monday weddings allow traveling guests to have a couple of extra days to visit with their loved ones without taking more time off work because they can arrive early, during the weekend before. Freeing up the weekend and holding your wedding on a weekday can actually be a relief for many out-of-state guests! While you give guests more time to prepare and celebrate your wedding, you will also benefit from a weekday wedding with lower costs, less traffic to deal with, and more time with your out-of-state guests.

Especially hosting your wedding in our beautiful state of Colorado, a weekday wedding allows more time for experiences for your guests. Imagine booking a Thursday wedding, then meeting up with family and friends for a gorgeous mountain hike or weekend brunch celebration. When you have your special day on a weekday, you are making more time to spend with your loved ones during the weekend before or after your wedding. 

While our wedding packages range in amenities and prices, overall we are happy to offer you lower rates for weekday weddings at Hearth House Venue. Even during our peak season, which is from May to October and December, we offer a lower rate for our wedding venue on weekdays. Save up to $2,000 when you book your wedding on a weekday Monday through Thursday compared to weekend prices. To view our pricing details, visit our Rates & Inclusions page.

About Hearth House Venue for a Colorado Wedding

Do you imagine your wedding in a wintry wonderland with snow-dusted mountains in the background? Or do you picture saying “I do” immersed in the golden glow of fall? Our outdoor setting at Hearth House Venue displays the colors of every season in Colorado! Along with stunning views, our venue comes with a long list of inclusions when you book your wedding with us. It is our goal to offer a beautiful wedding to anyone because we believe every couple deserves their dream wedding. Because of this goal, many amenities are included in the venue price when you book with us at Hearth House Venue:

  1. Benches
  2. Tables (round, banquet, and farm)
  3. Whiskey Barrel Cocktail Tables
  4. Wood Chairs
  5. Rolling Granite Carts
  6. Granite Display Chart (double sided)
  7. Granite Bar Front
  8. Display Shelving 
  9. On-Site Venue Manager
  10. Microphones

We have a whole collection of decoration items, like faux florals and candle holders, you may choose from to decorate your wedding space at Hearth House Venue. Our indoor and outdoor spaces are designed to be a blank canvas to give you the option of dressing up or dressing down the space to create your dream wedding, no matter your style. Our main building, The Grand Hearth Room, is an open and airy space that breathes clean, calm, and elegance between the creamy white walls, naturally toned barn doors and exposed trusses. The focal point of this room is our 25-foot fireplace that makes for a cozy and romantic backdrop. The fireplace opens both to the inside and outside, so no matter where you and your guests are seated, there is a nice warm glow in the atmosphere.

Part of our mission to make dream weddings accessible for all is including several spaces for the bride and groom and their families. Outside of The Grand Hearth Room, other buildings are available for family, friends, and the wedding party to get ready for the big day, relax, and spend quality time together. The Cottage is included in your booking with Hearth House Venue and will be available for day-of preparation. This room includes a dressing room, a vanity room, a kitchen, a living room, a full bathroom, WiFi, a TV, an indoor fireplace, and laundry facilities. This room is the perfect place for the bride and wedding party to relax and get ready for the big day! The Lounge is another day-of preparation space and included in the venue rental. The groom and groomsmen will love gathering around the pub tables. These spaces are separate from the wedding area to create a place of peace and privacy for the bride, groom, and wedding party members.

Imagining your wedding in your favorite season in Colorado, from spring to winter, a mountain backdrop never fails to deliver an exceptional view. Our Mountain Terrace is another space included in your venue rental. The terrace typically is used for the cocktail hour and is located on the westside of The Grand Hearth Room where the fireplace is in view from inside or outside. This scenic spot can also be used for an intimate ceremony site for smaller weddings. Outside, on the south end of our venue, is The Colorado Courtyard. This is the main outdoor ceremony site and is included in your venue rental. Lined with native trees, this is where your fall colors or lush, green wedding dreams come true! The Colorado Courtyard features a beautiful manicured lawn, mountain views, and a water feature. 

The diversity found at Hearth House Venue is hard to find elsewhere for a dreamy Colorado wedding. By booking your weekday wedding with us, you could save thousands of dollars compared to other venues. With all extra room in your wedding budget after booking at Hearth House Venue, you can justify spending the extra dollars on other wedding essentials, like photographers and caterers. Or, the money you could save with us can even help fund your honeymoon or first home together as newlyweds! Let the weekdays be the new “weekend” for your wedding and schedule your tour with us today.

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