Summer Trends for Your Colorado Wedding
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Summer Trends for Your Colorado Wedding

Apr 18 2023

Summer Trends for Your Colorado Wedding

As the temperatures rise and the days get longer, summer becomes the perfect season for a beautiful wedding in the mountains of Colorado. Whether you prefer a rustic outdoor wedding or a modern indoor celebration, there are plenty of summer wedding trends to consider for your special day. With the availability at Hearth House Venue near Colorado Springs, you have a wide range of styles to make your dream wedding come to life. Here are some popular styles for couples considering Colorado as their wedding destination.

Rustic Wedding Venue Trends

Rustic weddings are a popular choice for couples who want to celebrate their special day in a natural and relaxed setting. Colorado has no shortage of gorgeous rustic wedding vibes, from barn-style venues like Hearth House Venue to surrounding views of mountains and country. To follow basic styles of rustic weddings, here are some popular elements to include:

  1. Neutral Color Palette: One trend that continues to dominate wedding decor is the use of neutral colors, such as ivory, beige, and gray. These colors work well with the natural surroundings in Colorado and align with other elements of a rustic wedding design. Neutral colors give a timeless and elegant look to the wedding space, meaning you will love looking back at your wedding style years from now!
  2. Boho Chic: Another popular trend in rustic weddings is a boho chic style. This style is characterized by a mix of vintage and modern elements, such as macramé backdrops, dream catchers, and wildflower bouquets. This style beautifully fits into Hearth House Venue as our renovated farmhouse style buildings offer a mix of these rustic elements.
  3. Outdoor Ceremonies: With Colorado’s beautiful natural scenery, it’s no surprise that many rustic weddings take place outdoors. From meadows to mountainsides, outdoor ceremonies allow couples to exchange their vows in a breathtaking and memorable setting. At Hearth House Venue, we offer you and your spouse-to-be both indoor and outdoor spaces for the ceremony, reception, cocktail hour, and more. These spaces are conjoined so you will enjoy the convenience of hosting your entire wedding, from the ceremony to send-off, all at our wedding venue near Colorado Springs.
  4. Essential Rustic Details: From wooden signs to burlap table runners, incorporating rustic details into your wedding décor can add a charming and cozy touch to your celebration. Be sure to ask our event staff about the decor we have on-hand at Hearth House Venue. If you purchase our All Inclusive Package for your wedding in Colorado, you can decorate using our items without the hassle of buying or packing them to bring for your big day.

Modern Wedding Venue Trends

If you prefer more of a today’s-look wedding style, there are plenty of modern wedding trends to perfect your Colorado wedding. Modern touches to any space typically offer a sleek and sophisticated setting. At Heart House Venue, a desired modern style can be fulfilled through our beautiful white wood siding barn doors, elegant yet minimalist lighting, a two-sided fireplace for enjoyment indoors and outdoors, exposed wooden beams, and more. 

Here are some other popular trends for modern weddings in Colorado:

  1. Industrial Chic: One popular trend for modern weddings is an industrial chic style. This style is characterized by the use of industrial materials such as concrete, metal, and exposed brick. It’s a great choice for couples who want a modern and edgy look for their wedding.
  2. Bold Color Palette: While neutral colors are still popular for modern weddings, many couples are choosing bold and vibrant colors to add a pop of personality and energy to their celebration, such as a deep red or royal blue.
  3. Geometric Shapes: From geometric centerpieces to hexagonal arches, incorporating geometric shapes into your wedding décor can add a modern and playful touch to your celebration.
  4. Minimalism: Less is more when it comes to modern weddings. Embracing a minimalist aesthetic can create a clean and elegant look that is both timeless and contemporary.

Hearth House Venue for a Rustic-Modern Colorado Wedding

If you’re looking for the perfect venue to host your rustic or modern Colorado wedding, Hearth House Venue is a stunning and versatile option. Located near Colorado Springs in the charming town of Monument, Hearth House Venue offers a beautiful indoor and outdoor space that can accommodate up to 200 guests. We also offer affordable, All Inclusive wedding packages to make your dream wedding happen without the expensive price tag.

The venue’s rustic charm is evident in its exposed wooden beams, stone fireplace, and sweeping mountain views. The outdoor ceremony space is surrounded by lush gardens, creating a picturesque setting for your wedding vows.

For couples who prefer a more modern wedding style, Hearth House Venue can transform into a sleek and sophisticated space with its elegant chandeliers, modern furniture, and customizable options.

Whether you’re planning a rustic or modern wedding, Hearth House Venue can provide the perfect backdrop for your special day. The experienced event team can help you create a personalized wedding package that includes catering, floral arrangements, and other essential services.

No matter what style of wedding you prefer, there are plenty of summer wedding trends to consider for your Colorado celebration. Whether you opt for a rustic outdoor wedding or a modern indoor affair, there are countless options for creating a memorable and beautiful wedding day. And if you’re looking for the perfect venue to host your wedding, Hearth House Venue is a versatile and stunning choice that can provide the perfect setting for your dream wedding. With its beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces and experienced event team, Hearth House Venue can help make your wedding day possible and unforgettable. Schedule a time to come tour Hearth House Venue for your Colorado wedding!

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