Embracing Intimacy: The Rise of Micro Weddings in Colorado
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Micro Weddings are Gaining Popularity in Colorado

Nov 9 2023

Micro Weddings are Gaining Popularity in Colorado

In the world of weddings, a delightful shift has taken place and it’s all about celebrating love on a smaller scale. Embrace the rise of micro weddings! This intimate style of gatherings are redefining the way couples say “I do,” emphasizing quality over quantity and creating memories that last a lifetime. If you’re considering a micro wedding in Colorado, look no further than Hearth House Venue. This picturesque space in the charming downtown area of Monument is the perfect canvas for an intimate Colorado wedding. 

Our affordable wedding packages are suited for all sizes of weddings, including our Simply Wed package for micro weddings. Rest assured that every detail and wedding essential is taken care of, leaving you and your betrothed free to bask in the magic of your special day.

5 Benefits of Micro Weddings at Hearth House Venue

  1. Enjoy the Benefits of a Smaller Guest List

Micro weddings are all about intimacy. With a smaller guest list, you can truly connect with each one. All of your closest family and friends share in the joy of your special day and feel a sense of more involvement compared to if they were among 200 other people. Plus, with a smaller guest list, there is less cost required for your dream Colorado wedding. You will pay less for food, seating, beverages, and other essentials needed for wedding guests. 

Micro weddings give you the time and space to create meaningful moments with your nearest and dearest. Your wedding day is not only about the union of two people but also a celebration of the cherished relationships that surround and support you. The Simply Wed package offered at Hearth House Venue includes full service for up to 25 people. You can add up to an additional 20 guests for a maximum of 45 people at $35 per person.

  1. Small Weddings are Less Stressful

Gone are the days of overwhelming guest lists and the pressure to please everyone during the biggest day of your lives as a couple. Micro weddings offer a more relaxed planning process. With fewer logistics to manage, small weddings give you the mental space to focus on the details that truly matter to you! Hearth House Venue’s all-inclusive wedding packages, including our Simply Wed package, takes this ease a step further, ensuring that everything from décor to catering is seamlessly coordinated, leaving you to simply savor the day.

  1. Tailor Your Weddings Plans to Your Vision

A smaller group of people at your micro wedding makes room for more time, space, and energy to host the wedding of your dreams! The Hearth House Venue’s expert team and trusted vendors we partner with are all well-versed in planning micro weddings. The Simply Wed package includes everything you need to plan an intimate wedding, such as private spaces rest and refresh an hour before your ceremony, tables and chairs, audio/visual equipment, an on-site host, catering and dessert, decor essentials, set up and tear down services, and more. 

  1. Our Venue Feels like a Destination Wedding

Hearth House Venue’s place along the Front Range mountains near Colorado Springs provides a stunning natural setting for your micro wedding. The mountainous beauty of our surroundings adds an extra layer of magic to your small wedding. Whether you’re a Coloradan or choosing our local area for its picturesque landscapes, Hearth House Venue offers a destination wedding experience without the need for extensive travel and planning. 

Many couples looking to get married in Colorado dream of a mountain backdrop, open skies, and towering trees. While much of our state is known for its natural beauty, sometimes the mountain drive can be stressful. Instead of opting for a mountain town wedding where services, like lodging, are limited and the drives are long, opt for our wedding venue near Colorado Springs. We are located in Monument, right along Interstate 25 for easy access for you and your guests. Our wedding venue is found in the historic district of downtown Monument rather than the bustling, developed side to provide you with that destination wedding experience without the stress of traveling far.

Hearth House Venue for Dreamy Small Weddings

Nestled amidst the breathtaking scenery of Colorado, the Hearth House Venue is a hidden gem for couples seeking an intimate, picturesque backdrop for their micro wedding. With its warm, inviting ambiance and stunning views, it sets the stage for a celebration that’s as unique as your love story.

What sets Hearth House Venue apart is our dream wedding offerings without the expensive price tag. If you are ready to start planning your small wedding in Colorado at Hearth House Venue, start by scheduling your tour! We can walk and talk to you through planning your micro wedding in Colorado. Our Simply Wed package covers everything from venue rental to catering, decor, and even a dedicated event coordinator to ensure that every aspect of your special day is flawlessly executed.

Why Plan a Micro Wedding

As the trend of micro weddings continues to gain momentum, couples are discovering that sometimes, less truly is more. With Hearth House Venue as your partner in this journey, you can rest assured that your micro wedding will be an experience that leaves an indelible mark on your heart and on those closest to you. Embrace the magic of intimate celebrations and let your love story shine, surrounded by those who matter most. Your micro wedding at Hearth House Venue promises to be a day you’ll cherish forever.

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