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Fall Wedding Trends

Sep 13 2022

Fall Wedding Trends            

In 2022, weddings are back in a big way, and fall wedding trends reflect this return. To be sure, this return to grand-sized weddings and destination nuptials didn’t come about suddenly. Rather, it represents a cautious step back into more traditional affairs after the restrictions of COVID were lifted.

That said, current wedding planning trends don’t reflect more of the same pre-2020 stuff. Instead, couples strive to renew their connections to loved ones that the pandemic restricted, and more importantly, to do so in a meaningful way. They want fall weddings that are a reflection of who they are and what they’ve come through in the past several years.

So, with no further adieu, here’s a peek at three fall wedding planning trends, from fall colors to funky fashions.

1. Rustic, Intimate Weddings

Human beings require closeness and connection with other human beings to survive and thrive. The pandemic brought this human need into sharp focus: At the worst of it, we couldn’t leave our homes, see our loved ones or even hang out with friends at our favorite coffee shops for an hour. Our lives became more distant and less intimate than we would have ever thought possible.

It’s because of this that 2022 fall weddings have taken on a more intimate vibe. In this case, we are seeing couples that invite no more than 15 to 25 people, and the emphasis is on connection. Hearth House offers a Simply Wed package if this is your desired experience.

Rustic, mountainous destination weddings (an experience the Hearth House Wedding Venue offers) work perfectly with this type of wedding, which dovetails nicely into another wedding theme that’s in right now: rust wedding colors.

If you decide to have an intimate wedding this fall, go all in with the fall colors and the coziness they evoke. If it’s still warm enough, you can hold your wedding outside under the changing fall leaves at a place like Hearth House to take advantage of nature’s beauty. Allow your wedding decor to reflect the fruits of the season (literally) such as making wedding arrangements from apples, pumpkins, dried cattails, and more.

Wedding planning should include choices that invite a more intimate connection, like adding food trucks for a late night snack, including afternoon tea as a menu option, favors that embrace fall colors (like specialty scarves for guests) and plenty of downtime so that people can connect.

Pro tip: If you’d like to create an intimate wedding this fall, be sure to plan lots of small-group activities that allow your guests to get caught up. This could include spending time on the golf course for the guys or having a spa day for the women.

2. Weekday Weddings Get More Play

Many people who wanted to get married in larger venues in the year 2020 didn’t because they couldn’t. They were forced to either have smaller family-only weddings or to postpone their weddings until conditions improved. It’s for the latter reason that many weddings in 2022 are taking place on weekdays.

Let us explain. Because so many people decided to postpone their weddings, many wedding venues now have a considerable bottleneck as people try to make up for lost time.

Finding a venue that has weekend availability has gotten harder. To get around this, many couples have opted to get married during the week instead of on the weekend. Without other weekend conflicts for guests, we have noticed a higher number in attendance on week day weddings. Check the availability calendar for the upcoming year.

3. From ComicCon to Met Gala: Wedding Attire Gets Creative

While it’s likely that we’ll still see a lot of white wedding dresses for brides and traditional tuxedos for grooms, fall wedding trends in 2022 are definitely all about embracing individual style.

This might be dressing up as a favorite comic book or book character or recreating a historical period. It can also mean dressing in brilliant, almost neon colors: Fall wedding colors just might be bright pink or electric blue in 2022.

As far as wedding planning is concerned, then, the savvy wedding planner embraces the fashions that a wedding’s theme dictates. For example, an Alice in Wonderland wedding could include the groom dressed as the Mad Hatter and the bride dressed as Alice. The wedding colors would be red, white, and possibly black, with checkerboard floors and teacups a plenty.

Pro tip: If you plan a themed wedding, be sure to include a menu and entertainment options that embrace your choice. Talk to the caterer about making specialty cakes or themed food choices for the meal.

Final Thoughts on Fall Weddings in 2022

Fall wedding trends for 2022 center around a couple of big themes: personal connection, personal individuality and personal time. The three trends mentioned in this post epitomize these and other wedding trends going into the fall of 2022. They reflect the beauty and intimacy that couples hope to capture during this fall wedding season. We would be happy to help you plan your fall wedding here at Hearth House Wedding Venue. Get in touch with us today to discuss next steps.

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