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Dancing Through Decisions: Key Things to Ask a Wedding Venue

Feb 20 2024

If you are currently looking for the best wedding venue in Colorado, you may be in the beginning stages of planning your special day. Through all the numbers and colors and food options, we understand you have plenty of decisions to dance through as you plan your wedding. 

One of the most pivotal decisions you’ll make is choosing the perfect venue. This is the place where your love story will unfold, where memories will be etched, and where your vision will come to life. To ensure every detail is as exquisite as your love, it’s crucial to embark on your wedding venue search armed with the right questions. 

Wedding planning is no small feat. Be sure you are covering all your bases by asking the wedding venue of your dreams these key questions, beginning with the venue’s availability and prices. In this month’s blog, we guide you through which questions are best to ask when touring a wedding venue:

1. Do you have my dream date available?

Your wedding date is important to you, and securing it is the first step in the journey. When visiting potential wedding venues, begin by asking about availability on your preferred date. Remember, flexibility can open up new possibilities and venues that might not have been on your radar!

2. What is included in the wedding venue package?

Like a perfectly arranged bridal bouquet, a comprehensive package can infuse magic into your wedding day – and take away stress on your wallet, mind, and planning map. Inquire about what the venue offers as part of their package – from tables and chairs to linens and décor. An All Inclusive Package at our Colorado wedding venue takes care of the planning for you with room to make some decisions, like the type of food you want. Understanding what’s included will help you visualize how your chosen space will transform to create the ambiance you desire. 

3. Are there any restrictions or regulations at the venue?

A harmonious dance requires rhythm, just as your wedding day requires coordination. Ensure your vision aligns with the venue’s regulations and restrictions. Ask about sound limitations, curfews, and any decor constraints. This ensures your celebration flows seamlessly within the venue’s guidelines.

4. Can the venue accommodate my guest list?   

Every love story is unique, and so is the guest list. Share your expected number of guests with the venue and ask if their space can comfortably accommodate your nearest and dearest. Remember, a cozy space can create an intimate atmosphere, while a larger one can be perfect for grand celebrations. You and your guests will love both the indoor and outdoor spaces at Hearth House Venue, set against the backdrop of the mountains near Colorado Springs. Enjoy each space to accommodate your guests on your wedding day.

5. What are the catering and bar options?

Just as love is the heart of your wedding, food and drink are the soul. Delve into the venue’s catering options – from mouthwatering menus to dietary accommodations. Ask if in-house caterers are offered or if external vendors are allowed. Raise a toast to your love story by also discussing bar arrangements and libations that will make your day sparkle.

6. How can we customize the wedding venue?

Inquire about customization options – can you add personal touches to the decor? Are you allowed to bring your own florals, centerpieces, or photo backdrops? At Hearth House Venue, we offer in-house decorations for you to utilize as you wish.

7. What is the wedding venue payment structure?

Explore the venue’s pricing structure and payment terms. Ask about initial deposits, installment plans, and cancellation policies. Understanding the financial journey will ensure that your wedding planning process is as harmonious as you need.

8. Are there any additional fees I should be aware of?

There may be hidden fees that need to be unveiled at the wedding venue you choose. Inquire about any additional charges beyond the base price, such as service charges, gratuities, or cleaning fees. Being aware of these details helps you budget effectively and avoid any last-minute surprises.

To see the full details of what’s included in our wedding packages and a complete list of our venue rates, visit our venue information page.

9. Can I see the venue set up for a wedding?

Any venue truly shines when adorned for a wedding. Request to see the venue set up for a similar-sized event. Visualizing how your dream day will look can provide clarity and help you make an emotionally resonant decision. At Hearth House Venue, our planning specialists can show you photo galleries of weddings and other events that are similar to yours. These galleries are meant to provide you with a real look at how your special celebration can come to life at our venue!

10. Do you offer any special packages or discounts?

Love is precious, and so are the memories you’ll create on your wedding day. Ask if the venue offers any special packages, seasonal discounts, or off-peak rates. This might be your chance to seize a unique opportunity that aligns beautifully with your budget and your dreams. Because our local area in Monument and Colorado Springs is home to many military members, we are proud to offer these clients a Military Discount. This special rate for military members in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas who plan a wedding or event at Hearth House Venue includes waiving the $500 fee on our Family Room Space. Our military discount is our way of showing our appreciation for all you work for and sacrifice to our country. 

Hearth House: Your Dream Wedding Venue

Our wedding venue near Colorado Springs offers lower wedding rates during the off season. Read more in this guide about secret ways to save when you plan an off-season wedding.

As you embark on your wedding venue shopping journey, remember that every question you ask is like a gentle step towards crafting the perfect melody for your special day. The bridge between wedding venue availability and prices is a dance that requires thoughtful consideration and harmonious choices. Armed with these key questions, you are now ready to explore potential venues with confidence, poise, and a heart full of dreams. 

May your journey be as enchanting as the love story you’re about to celebrate. At Hearth House Venue, our wedding planning teams are happy to discuss these venue questions with you; covering all topics from venue availability to prices. Start your wedding planning journey with Hearth House Venue now by scheduling your tour.


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