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UPDATE, September 17th, 2020


Guest Capacities Increased, and Mask Mandate Extended for 30 days, until mid October.

Current El Paso County Capacity COVID-19 dial Level 1:

  • Indoor events: 50 percent capacity up to 175 people
  • Outdoor events: 50 percent up to 250 people

Current Guest Capacity at Hearth House Venue COVID-19 dial Level 1:

  • Inside: 140 guests, total 149 people, including vendors/staff
  • Outside Patio and Courtyard: 140 guests, total of 149 people, including staff
  • Outside Patio, Courtyard, and Parking lot: Up to 250 guests with Hearth House Venue Approval

Mask Mandate: As you may have heard, the Governor has extended the mask mandate for another 30 days. We’ve had a dozen or so weddings in the last month during the mask mandate, and it appears that life with facemasks is becoming the norm for everyone, and wearing masks has not compromised the joy of the day. No masks are required while guests are seated at assigned tables or outside while practicing social distancing.


El Paso County News Release, September 16, 2020: https://www.elpasocountyhealth.org/news/news-release/2020/el-paso-county-in-safer-at-home-level-1-under-states-new-dial
COVID-19 dial dashboard – County Status


Understanding the COVID-19 dial



  1. Avoid postponements if at all possible.
  2. Keep your guest list to fewer than 94 guests as the County can and will lower capacities if COVID cases increase and El Paso County moves to Colorado COVID-19 dial – level 2. (We are told that there will be 2-week notice if this happens, but this is not guaranteed.)
  3. If you increase your guest count to more than 94, have a plan B in place in the event the capacity is lowered before your event.
  4. Have an A, B, and C guest list and communicate with guests regarding the chance they may not be able to attend if numbers go up and the County moves up on the State’s COVID-19 dial, or may not be able to come if numbers go down. This tactic has been the least stressful on couples as they simply put out the call at the last minute if needed and guests, who love you, understand and want to help. Here is suggested verbiage for SAVE THE DATES and INVITATIONS. We will email you well in advance, if COVID-19 restrictions require us to lower our guest count.
  5. With weather changing, adding a tent to the parking lot for larger guest lists is not a great option. If you do rent a tent, you will need sides and heaters as evenings are cooling off. Brady’s Rental is the least expensive: 20’ x 20’ for $400 plus delivery fee. 20’ x 40’ for $800 plus delivery fee.
  6. Please don’t request a refund. We are not making exceptions to this policy.
  7. Remember to schedule your final 30-Day Walkthrough. About 45 days before your event, go to https://calendly.com/hearthhousevenue/finalwalkthrough.
  8. Always feel free to email if you have a question or want to request a phone conversation. info@hearthhousevenue.com
  9. Read, the Hearth House Venue COVID-19 Policies & Capacities, below. It is detailed and lengthy, but if you want the full picture, take the time to see what we are doing to keep your friends and family safe.

Hearth House Venue
COVID-19 Policies & Capacities
As of September 17, 2020

Protect Our Neighbors:
Safer at Home Level 1:
Safer at Home Level 2:
Safer at Home Level 3:
Stay at Home:

Below please find a detailed summary of Regulations in place by the State of Colorado and El Paso County and

Hearth House Venue Policy showing how Hearth House is complying with the regulations.

  • (CURRENT STATUS) Safer at Home Level 1: Allows for El Paso County Variance to override some State regulations including Capacity, but not state Mask Mandate. 50 % Capacity Regulations: When El Paso County & State Guidelines allow for 50% Occupancy, the limit is 50% of the posted occupancy code ensuring a minimum of 28 square feet per person not to exceed more than 175 people gathered in a confined indoor space at any given time, and not to exceed 250 in and outdoor space.
    a) Hearth House Venue Policy:
    Capacity is 299 so 50% is 149 people inside at any given time, including Staff/Vendors.
    • Hearth House Venue is limiting Guest Capacity to 140 guests to allow for staff/vendors.
    • Hearth House Venue meets the 28sqft per person requirement to allow for 149 people inside.
    • Hearth House Venue meets the 28sqft per person requirement to allow for up to 140 guests outside on the patio and courtyard.
    • Hearth House Venue must approve more than 140 guests outside, as the parking area must be used in order to meet the square footage requirement.
  • Safer at Home Level 2: Changes from current variance to limited inside occupancy to 100 people and up to 250 people outside, provided social distancing requirements can be met. (As we understand it, there will be a 2 week mitigation period once level is moved from Level 1 to Level 2, giving the county a chance to mitigate and bring the level back to Level 1.)

3) Mask Mandate: (In affect as of August 6, 2020 and currently extended to mid October) The State of Colorado or El Paso County can impose a Mask Mandate. When in effect, all persons are required to follow the regulations.
a) Hearth House Venue Policy – If required by mandate:
• All persons entering the building are required to wear masks and keep them on at all times unless seated for dinner at assigned “social circle” tables.
• All persons must wear masks at food & drink service lines.
• All persons must wear masks in restrooms.
• Clients must provide masks for guests and make available at guest table.
• All Vendors must supply and wear masks at all times, inside and outside, while providing service to guests.
• Food and Drink Vendors shall refrain from serving anyone inside without a mask on.
b) Hearth House Venue Policy Compliance Plan:
• Client and Planner shall submit a Mask Compliance Plan to Hearth House prior to the event.
• Compliance Lead: Planner/Day of Coordinator shall be responsible for seeing that guests are in compliance with the Mask Mandate:
• Coordinate at least one announcement reminding guests to wear masks at all times inside, when not seated at the table.
• Communicate with DJ when necessary to make secondary announcements
• Hand out client supplied masks to people not complying.
• Ask guests who refuse to comply, to leave.
• Close the event early if guests are not complying.

4) Contract Tracing Regulations: Collect contact information of guests or attendees through tactics like taking reservations, requiring RSVPs, or having sign-in sheets, and times of arrival and departure to help with potential exposure notification whenever possible.
a) Hearth House Venue Policy:
• Hearth House Venue will obtain from Client, a guest list at the walk-through.
• On the day of the event, the Planner must provide final guest list, seating assignments showing table assignments, and contact information for each guests.

5) Social Distance Regulations: Ensure 6 feet or more distancing between all employees, customers, contractors and visitors. Give reminders to observe 6 feet physical distancing before, during, and after events.
a) Hearth House Policy:
• Signage displayed throughout spaces will remind guests of 6ft social distancing.
• Hearth House Venue will obtain a floor plan and seating chart for ceremony and reception, at the walkthrough.
• Planners/Hosts will be responsible for communicating how distancing will be planned for staff, guests, and vendors for the duration of the event.
b) Hearth House Venue Policy Compliance Strategies:
• Use Whisky Barrels to break up large open spaces and organically encourage social distancing.
• Use Benches to identify “lines” for Bar outside on patio and display, Bar Entrance
• Stage Benches in the courtyard and Patio to encourage guests to stay spread out and in their social circles.
• Use exit signs strategically to manage flow and encourage social distancing.
• Ask Wedding Party to assist with asking people individually to go from patio, inside to dinner so to avoid making a general announcement causing crowding at the entrance doors.
• Announce reminder about social distancing, staying 6ft apart, wearing masks if outside your circle of friends and family.

6) Ingress & Egress Regulations: Must create a queue at entrances that ensure a minimum of 6 feet of physical distancing between individuals and pace entry to prevent congestion.
a) Hearth House Policy:
• Hearth House Venue will provide signage at each door to help regulate 6ft social distancing upon entering and exiting.
• At no time should guests be queued to enter/exit a building. Natural staggered arrival and departure will allow this guidance.
• Planner and Hearth House Staff will assist in encouraging gradual movement from outside to inside.
• Capacity max levels must be established prior to event date.

7) Signage Regulations: Post signage with easy to interpret graphics in commonly used languages reminding ◦ everyone to maintain 6 feet of distance, wear masks, wash hands, etc.
a) Hearth House Policy:
• Signage is posted throughout event spaces and restrooms at Hearth House Venue.

8) Traffic Flow Regulations: Establish single-direction traffic flow in and out of venue and seating areas. Consider separate entrances and exits.
a) Hearth House Policy:
• Hearth House Venue will communicate this information prior to and during the walk-through to each host, planner and caterer.
• Hearth House Venue will provide Exit Only and Entrance Only signage when necessary.

9) Cleaning & Disinfection Regulations: Enhance cleaning and disinfection of common touch points (doors, stairwell handles, light switch, elevator switch, etc.).
a) Hearth House Policy:
• Hearth House Venue Event Managers will disinfect all common touch points throughout the event at timed intervals.
• Hearth House Venue will sanitize the indoor space with an Ozone Generator prior to and after each event.
• All Vendors must supply, and where gloves and masks.
• All Vendors must supply, and use disinfectant wipes, to sanitize stations and work areas hourly.

10) Ventilations Regulations: Ensure ventilation at the venue is in line with or exceeds OSHA guidance.
a) Hearth House Policy:
• Hearth House Venue has multiple doors that open out to the outdoors. Event Manager will open doors prior to the event and periodically throughout the event.

11) Hand Sanitizing Regulations: Provide hand-sanitizing stations at entrances and in high-traffic areas.
a) Hearth House Policy:
• Hosts/Clients must provide 6 large bottles of Hand Sanitizer for guest use, to be placed at each door, and in each bathroom.
• All Vendors are must bring Hand Sanitizer for their workstations.

12) Plexiglas Barrier Regulations: Deploy Plexiglas barriers where appropriate.
a) Hearth House Policy:
§ Hearth House Venue suggests that Catering Teams/Hosts use Plexiglas barriers where appropriate.

13) Sharing Tool & Games Regulations: Limit, wherever possible, the sharing of tools, equipment, or other shared resources (not involved in games or activities).
a) Hearth House Policy:
• Hearth House Venue has removed all shared equipment on site.
• We suggest that hosts/planners also remove any shared equipment to be used during an event.
• Sharing Serving Utensils is prohibited.

14) Shared Games Regulations: Remove games or activities that require or encourage standing around, congregating, or shared materials. This includes things like board or recreational games, bouncy houses, ball pits, shared dance floors (not for performances), or amusement booths or rides at fairs.
a) Hearth House Policy:
• Shared Yard Games are prohibited at this time.
• Hearth House Venue does not have a dance floor and a main dance floor will not be designated.
• Open areas will be filled with tables, chairs, benches, or whisky barrels to discourage masses dancing in one area.
• Should dancing occur, it must take place within family and social circles and others must practice social distancing and stay spread out throughout the space.

15) Catering Regulations: Do not allow for self-service stations or buffets.
a) Hearth House Policy:
• All food must be supplied by a licensed Retail Food Provided
• Buffets must be served by catering staff
• Catering Staff to enforce and comply with current State and County Mandates
• No shared items should be placed on tables
• Appetizer stations can not be self serve
• Individual wrapped or pre-plated items can be self serve
• Water bottle self service from Whisky Barrels must be approved by Food and/or Drink Service provider based on their regulations for self-service of water bottles or soft drinks.
• Plates and flatware should not be preset on tables unless approved by Caterer.
• Table water service plan must be approved by caterer and or Bar Service at final walkthrough
• Self serve Beverage dispensers are currently prohibited and must be manned by Catering/Bar Staff
• Caterers MUST REMOVE ALL TRASH from the premises and bring extra bags for double bagging if caterer requires double bagging. If caterer does not remove trash, Caterer will be billed $250.00 for trash removal.
• Food & Service Providers must wear masks and gloves at all times.

16) Vendor Regulations: Vendors must follow all regulations and mandates in place at the time of the event.
a) Hearth House Policy for Planners/Coordinators
• Responsible for COVID Compliance of Guests and Vendors
• Responsible for COVID Compliance Table Settings – no shared items, decanters, or preset glassware that is not filled prior to guest arrival.
• Make announcements as necessary for guest compliance
• Remove guests who do not comply
• Prevent guests from moving tables and furnishings to make a dance floor
b) Hearth House Policy for DJs and MCs:
• Make announcements as needed to remind of Social Distancing and Mask Mandate;
• Do not announce “dance floor is open”
• Make advance arrangements with wedding party to spread out all over the room to start the dancing off and show people how we are doing it.
• Do not play songs that encourage Line Dancing or assembling in large groups…
• As necessary, remind people to spread out around the room
• Wear a mask
• Disinfect all service and common use areas frequently.
c) Hearth House Policy for Caterers
• Supply your staff ample masks, gloves, surface cleaning disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, and trash bags, (for double bagging removal).
• Disinfect all service and common use areas frequently.
• Follow all Retail Food License rules, regulations, and COVID Mandates.
• Remove all trash from premises (Double bag for sanitation safety).
• Convey your rules and policies to Hearth House Venue and Client/Planner at final walkthrough.
• Do not allow self served food or drink unless you approve individually wrapped items.
• Confirm service flow and social distancing plan with Hearth House Venue at final walkthrough.
d) Hearth House Policy for Bar
• Supply your staff ample masks, gloves, surface cleaning disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, and trash bags, (for double bagging removal).
• Disinfect all service and common use areas frequently.
• Follow all Retail Food & Beverage License rules, regulations and COVID Mandates
• Remove all trash from premises (Double bag for sanitation safety)
• Convey your rules and policies to Hearth House Venue and Client/Planner at final walkthrough
• Do not allow self served food or drink unless you approve individually wrapped items.
• Confirm service flow and social distancing plan with Hearth House Venue at final walkthrough.

Hearth House COVID-19 Postponement Policy

With expectations for events ever changing, Hearth House is working hard to be sure you have the best options when it comes to postponement due to COVID. We want to keep moving in a methodical way so you all have exactly the wedding you hoped for, all while honoring our business. It’s a thin line but know we are in this together and we’ve got your backs!

Your Options:

1. You can postpone within 6 weeks of your wedding date for no additional charge. If you would like to postpone before that, you can pay $500 to move to another date. Note: There is no fee to move to January/February of 2021 if you’d like to do so immediately.

2. The days must sync – Thursday for Thursday, Friday for Friday, Saturday for Saturday and etc. If you move to a more expensive day, additional fees will be added. If you move to a less expensive day, you’ll be credited in the form of additional venue hours.

3. There is no expiration on when you can have the new date.

Our hope is that it is business as usual here very soon and no one will have to move their date at all!

Common Questions

See “Hearth House COVID-19 Postponement Policy”

Most are not allowing postponements until 4 weeks out without the cancellation policy put into place. At Hearth House, we want to be as accommodating as possible while still honoring our small business.

First and foremost chat with your vendors about the move. It is best practice to move all contracts immediately so you are covered and set with the new date. Then, reach out to your guests to let them know about the new date.

You can fill out questions in the chat box from 9am-12pm MST, Monday through Friday for immediate answers or fill out our Contact Form and we will get right back to you.

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