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COVID-19 Update

November 23, 2020

El Paso County will move to Level Red on the COVID dial as of Friday, November 27, 2020.


Key Points:

  1. Indoor and Outdoor Life Rite Ceremonies allowed for fewer than 50 people at Hearth House, with no social time, or food service before or after the ceremony. You can hold your ceremony at Hearth House Venue, and postpone your reception for no additional charge.
  2. Indoor Receptions are 100% restricted in Level Red
  3. Tours can continue in Level Red
  4. Please read the November 18th Update (below) for more detailed information on what to do if your event is coming up soon.
  5. If your event is after March 1, 2021, please sit tight until the first of the year when we have more information.

This update includes all current information available to us; however, if we have missed something and you need to chat, please schedule a personal phone call here:


As we reflect on all we are thankful for, despite COVID, our couples come to the top of our lists. Stay safe and healthy over the holiday, and count your blessings.


November 18, 2020

We hope this update finds you well and that you, and your family and friends are staying healthy. For some, your weddings are right around the corner and you have plan A & B in place.  For others, your weddings and celebrations are well into 2021, and even 2022.  While we don’t want to alarm couples less likely to be affected by COVID restrictions, as part of the Hearth House Venue Family, we feel strongly that you should be in the loop, well before your wedding day. It’s likely, that eventually, the State will lift restrictions in stages, so there is a possibility that we could be under the State’s COVID dial restrictions well into 2021, and less likely, even pushed in to 2022.

Again, we are not trying to alarm anyone, but want to make sure you are well informed and prepared to deal with any scenario.


El Paso County Status:  EL PASO COUNTY remains at the ORANGE LEVEL on the State’s COVID dial.  We’ll know next Wednesday if it will change again.  All Wednesday announced changes, take affect Friday, after the Wednesday announcement. (We have been working lobbing the state to change the Announce and Enforce days from Wednesday Announce Change/Friday Enforce Change, to Thursday Announce Change/Monday or Tuesday Enforce Change.   We’ll keep you posted.)


Link Executive Order


  1. Guest Capacity: El Paso County is at LEVEL ORANGE so Hearth House Venue is limited to 50 Guests Indoors, and 75 guests outdoors, if social distancing is practiced.  If El Paso County moves to LEVEL RED, we are mandated to CLOSE and not hold any events. If it go up to LEVEL Yellow, we can have up to 100 Guests

Note:  the new capacity numbers “EXCLUDE STAFF/VENDORS” Yay!  That is a win!

  1. Mask Mandate: The Statewide Mask Mandate is still enforced, and will likely be extended until COVID cases decrease.  Guests don’t have to wear masks inside when seated at assigned tables.  Masks don’t have to be worn outside if Social Distancing is practiced.
  1. COVID Dial: Stay informed by following our online updates, and the State of Colorado’s COVID dial to see what stage El Paso County is in.
  1. Invitations & Save the Dates: Include a comment on your invitations and save the dates to let guests know that you will inform them if COVID Regulations require you to lower you guest count.  “We will let you know if COVID regulation require us to limit the number of guest we can include, and thanks for understanding.)
  1. BEST PRACTICE – Lower Guest Count:  Lower your guest count before you send invitations out or have a plan to lower it if necessary so you can cut your guest list last minute if you have to.
  1. Postponement Policy: Consider carefully before you cancel or postpone your wedding, if we are open at all and you can have a maximum of 50 guests.  Most couples who postponed, rather than lowering the guest count regret the decision.  One couple lowered their guest list from 250 to 50 back in June.  They said they were heartbroken until the the day of the wedding when they realized that 50 guests was a wonderful experience for them and if they had to do it over again, and could have 250 guest, they would only invite 50.  “It was intimate and amazing, and we would do it again at 50 people, even if we could have 250.

If events are allowed at limited capacity, we ask that you hold your event and adjust your guest count, or have guests arrive in waves for multiple dinner seating’s.  With some creative planning, your guests can be present at an outdoor Life Rites Ceremony or watch it on ZOOM, and share in the celebration in Waves:  i.e., Seating Group A 5:00PM, Seating Group 7:30PM, ceremony outside at 4:00PM or in between seating’s at 7:OOPM.

  1. Complimentary Ceremony Policy: If COVID regulations require you to cancel your celebrations, you can postpone and use, at no charge, the indoor or outdoor space for an intimate Life Rites Ceremony (No food and Beverage or Social time.)  We recommend you wait until 2 weeks prior to make your final decision, especially if COVID numbers are improving.
  1. Hearth House Refund Policy: Our no- refund policy has not changed and is as written in the Booking Agreement. There are no exceptions to the no-refund policy.  Please know this is standard across the industry, and our policies are very flexible compared to others who simply shut down and offer no postponement dates, or charge high fees to make the change, to midweek off-season date.  We are doing what we can, while insuring that we are open and operating for events booked in the future.
  1. Tents: Closed Tent’s now have the same capacity restrictions as indoor. Hearth House does not supply Tents.
  1. Hearth House COVID Safety Policy: We follow all State, County, and local Requirements. Our In-house and Vendor Safety Policies can be found on a private webpage at hearthhousevenue.com/forms


“This update includes all current information available to us, however, if we have missed something and you need to chat please schedule a personal phone call here:
We know this is a difficult time for everyone and we hope that you and your families stay healthy and you have a peaceful upcoming holiday season.”

Hearth House COVID-19 Postponement Policy

With expectations for events ever changing, Hearth House is working hard to be sure you have the best options when it comes to postponement due to COVID. We want to keep moving in a methodical way so you all have exactly the wedding you hoped for, all while honoring our business. It’s a thin line but know we are in this together and we’ve got your backs!

Your Options:

1. You can postpone within 6 weeks of your wedding date for no additional charge. If you would like to postpone before that, you can pay $500 to move to another date.

2. The days must sync – Thursday for Thursday, Friday for Friday, Saturday for Saturday and etc. If you move to a more expensive day, additional fees will be added. If you move to a less expensive day, you’ll be credited in the form of additional venue hours.

3. Schedule your new date within 1 year if at all possible.

4.  We are not making exceptions to our No Refund Policy.

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