I’m Just Engaged! But COVID-19 is Happening! 3 Tips for Talking to Vendors During COVID-19 Hearth House

It’s a strange and often scary time right now in the world. We have a fear of something ‘out there’ but don’t know exactly what the next few weeks or months will look like! This can feeling overwhelming, especially if you’re recently engaged.

Here are 3 Tips for Talking with Vendors During COVID-19

  1. Don’t Ask Questions Out of Fear

It’s easy, especially in high stress situations, to feel the need to make all questions about COVID-19. Questions like – “What’s your cancellation policy?”- “Do you have hand sanitizer?” – “What is protocol with staff?” These are all excellent questions but remember that your vendors have your best interest in mind. They are not only mandated to follow certain protocol but they often have already put together their own list of ways they are taking preventative action. Ask “Do you have a list of action items the venue (or other vendor) you are taking in light of COVID-19?” Ask to read them before and come with succinct questions. You want to leave room for other questions that are more particular to your day.

  1. Read Reviews

It’s so critical to come to the tour or meeting already vetting the vendor with past reviews and ratings. Look specifically for how they handled rescheduling or cancellations in the past. Were they accommodating? Do they have 30+ great reviews and just one or two bad ones (important note here: 1 or 2 bad reviews does NOT equal a bad vendor)? How is the communication style? Important words to look for – great communication, had my back, listened to me, was constantly available, had my best interest and delivered what was promised. These key words are the backbone of a fantastic business.

  1. Remember Why You’re Getting Married

This may be seem obvious but in the midst of chaos, approach each meeting and tour with peace. Prepare your list of questions and take a deep breath. Perhaps they don’t have your date because other weddings have been pushed further into late 2020 or 2021. Don’t get too attached to how exactly “x, y, z” needs and rest easy knowing that often the pivots yield the best results!

Remember that all of us are going through this together. There is a not a ‘best practice’ or ‘best protocol’ for a pandemic. The world can be chaotic but planning a wedding doesn’t need to be!