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All-Inclusive Clients, your Coordinator takes care of this.


90 Days prior to your event, you will receive a Vendor Questionnaire, asking for information on your Caterer, Bar Service, and Planner/Coordinator. (Typically your coordinator takes care of this)


All-Inclusive Clients, your Coordinator takes care of this.

This is only required if an exception to the Décor Policy is requested. Work with your Coordinator and Décor Professional to determine if a special request is needed. Check out the Decor Policy and email us if you need something special.

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The Coordinator typically takes care of scheduling the Walkthrough and inviting others. Please Communicate to make sure this happens in a timely manner Go to our website and click on Schedule A Tour, or go to https://calendly.com/hearthhousevenue/finalwalkthrough Pick a day that falls about 30-45 days prior to your Event.

SUBMIT THE FINAL WALKTHROUGH QUESTIONNAIRE – Client and/or Coordinators are sent a Final Walkthrough Questionnaire from the On-Line Portal.  The Coordinator typically submits it.  Please communicate so it happens on time.  To avoid rescheduling the Walkthrough, make sure the Questionnaire is submitted no later than 7 days prior to the Walkthrough.

Communicate with your Coordinator to determine who will manage these items. Typically it is the Coordinator, if you have hired them for these services.

  • Event Liability Insurance (or upload to your online portal)
  • Preliminary Floor Plan
  • $1000. Damage Deposit and Any Outstanding Payments

All-Inclusive Package Instructions

Our premier Event Coordination Team assembled an amazing All-Inclusive Package, exclusively for Hearth House Venue. You’ll book directly with the Coordination Team after you select your detail options. See details on our > Rates Page.

From our Website, send an Inquiry to the Coordination Team and they will contact you to schedule your first consultation.  Then sit back and relax and ignore most of the Planning Documents listed below because your Coordinator will do most of the work for you.

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The All-Inclusive Package is booked, managed, and paid for separately from the Venue Booking Fee.

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Hearth House Venue

Vendor Approval Information

Disregard if you have selected the All-Inclusive Package. We’ve got you covered!

We highly recommend you choose from vetted and approved Hearth House Venue Family Favorite Vendors.
They have proven themselves as 100% reliable and offer exceptional quality and service.

  • Planner/Coordinators who are not on the Family Favorite Vendor List
  • Caterers, Restaurants, and Food Trucks who are not on the Family Favorite Vendor List
  • Bar Service Providers who are not on the Family Favorite Vendor List as Bar Service Providers
  • All “Other Vendors” do not require approval whether they are on our Family Favorite List or not.
  • Planner/Coordinators, Caterers, Restaurants, and Food Trucks, “too new” to us to be listed as a Family Favorite Vendor, but who have a current Policy Agreement with Hearth House Venue and can produce a copy for you.

Share these links with “New” Caterers, Planner/Coordinators, or Bar Service Providers and we’ll take care of the rest when they reach out to us. The Vendor will let you know if/when they are approved.

Vendor Requirements PDF