Effortless and Elegant: Plan Your Pop Up Wedding at Hearth House Venue
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Effortless and Elegant: Plan Your Pop Up Wedding at Hearth House Venue

Jul 10 2024

Planning a wedding is often assumed to require months, if not years, of preparation, decision making, and meticulous attention to detail. However, not all love stories follow a traditional timeline. Sometimes, love can’t wait, and the desire to say “I do” bubbles up with an urgency that can’t be ignored. For those who find themselves swept up in a whirlwind romance or simply wish to expedite their journey down the aisle, Hearth House Venue offers the perfect solution with its pop up wedding packages.

The Beautiful Benefits of a Pop Up Wedding

A pop up wedding is the epitome of spontaneous celebration! It strips away the lengthy planning process and focuses on the essence of the day: two people in love, ready to start their lives together. At Hearth House Venue, we understand the magic of these moments and are dedicated to making your last-minute wedding as seamless and special as a meticulously planned event.

Hearth House Venue’s Wedding on a Whim Special Offer

Our “Wedding on a Whim” package is designed for couples eager to tie the knot within 120 days of booking our wedding venue near Colorado Springs. This package is not only affordable but also incredibly convenient. Out of the pop up weddings at our venue, we have saved couples anywhere from $500 to $3,500, depending on the specifics of the wedding. Our record for pulling off a stunning last-minute wedding is just 10 days, proving that with the right team and venue, anything is possible!

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Affordable Pop Up Weddings

One of the greatest benefits of choosing Hearth House Venue for your pop up wedding is our affordable package. Our All Inclusive Package simplifies the planning process, offering everything you need in one place in the shortest amount of time. Plus, your venue booking rate is reduced by $500 in this wedding package when you plan your wedding within 120 days.

From the venue to the flowers, catering, and more, our team is ready to bring your vision to life with minimal stress. Our vendor team is on standby, prepared to customize every detail to suit your unique style and preferences.

The Best Micro Wedding Package

For those dreaming of a smaller, more intimate ceremony without the rush of a pop up wedding, our “Simply Wed” micro wedding package is an ideal choice. By booking this package within 120 days of your desired date, you can take advantage of significant savings. Normally limited to Tuesdays and Wednesdays, our special offer allows you to upgrade to a prime weekend date without the additional weekend rate, saving you up to $3,500. This makes it easier than ever to gather your closest friends and family for an intimate, memorable celebration at the best wedding venue rate in Colorado.

DIY Wedding Options in Colorado

If you prefer a hands-on approach to your wedding, our DIY option allows you to get creative. Booking a last-minute DIY wedding with Hearth House Venue comes with a $500 discount on the venue booking rate. While you take charge of personalizing your day, our list of trusted vendors is available to step in and assist whenever needed, ensuring that every aspect of your wedding is just as you envisioned.

Planning Your Pop Up Wedding

Hearth House Venue boasts a variety of beautiful spaces to suit any style of wedding. Whether you envision an intimate indoor ceremony or a grand outdoor celebration, our venue provides the perfect backdrop. Each space is designed to be both elegant and versatile, allowing you to customize the setting to reflect your love story.

Starting your wedding planning journey with Hearth House Venue is as simple as scheduling a tour. Our team is excited to show you the enchanting spaces available and discuss how we can make your pop up wedding dreams come true. During the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the venue, ask key wedding questions, and start envisioning how your special day will unfold.

Pop Up Wedding Costs

To get started, request a personalized quote today. Our interactive Quote Calculator/Brochure is a fun and informative tool that helps you explore the options and price points available. It’s a great way to begin visualizing your wedding and understand the value you’ll receive with Hearth House Venue’s pop up wedding packages.

Making Your Last-Minute Wedding Dreams Possible

At Hearth House Venue, we believe that love should be celebrated whenever the moment feels right. Our pop up wedding packages offer the perfect blend of spontaneity and elegance, ensuring that your last-minute wedding is as beautiful and memorable as any well-planned affair. Whether you’re envisioning a grand celebration or a simple, intimate gathering, our team is here to make your dream wedding a reality.

Contact us today to learn more about our “Wedding on a Whim” special offer and start planning your unforgettable pop up wedding at Hearth House Venue. With us, your love story is in good hands.

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