Ask the Pros! Sarah Evens Hearth House

Name and Description of your Title and your Business

Sarah Evens – Creekside Event Center

Venue Director – Overseeing Wedding & Event Operations

  1. How Long have you been in Business?

2.5 years

Why did you Start your Business? What Inspires you?

There was a need for a light and airy, farmhouse-inspired wedding venue in Colorado Springs. Coming from a wedding planning background, I have a deep love and knowledge for the wedding world. I still get chills during vows after four and a half years of being in the industry. It’s almost like the wedding industry is a part of who I am.

How has COVID-19 affected your business?

A lot of rescheduled weddings and events, a handful of cancellations. Pushing revenue to other quarters. Looking into 2021, the rescheduled events and weddings are eating up prime dates.

What resources have helped you during this time? What resources do you still need?

I would say the comradery of others facing similar challenges right now. People who I can talk to, bounce ideas off of, be inspired by.

What advice would you give to bridal parties wanting to cancel or postpone?

We are heartbroken for you that you couldn’t have your celebration on the date you wanted, but we still want to celebrate you. We want nothing more than to host your wedding. Your day isn’t ruined, it just needs to be on a different date. Your love is the same. The passion of your vendors is evident. We will make sure your new date is nothing less than everything you dreamed it to be.