Ask the Pros! - Amanda Lamb Photography Hearth House

Name and Description of your Title and your Business:

Amanda Lamb Photography, wedding & portrait photographer.

How Long have you been in Business?

Since 2006

Why did you Start your Business? What Inspires you?

I am inspired by humanity. The gamut and complexity of emotion, the way we come together in communities, the way we experience life. I just love it… the more raw, the better. Being able to capture that lights my fire.

How has COVID-19 affected your business?

March-May typically brings a bulk of my business for the year. About 80-90% of this income has been postponed or canceled altogether.

What resources have helped you during this time? What resources do you still need?

Relying on the communal strength of others in my same position in order to brainstorm and assist in making up a little income in order to get by. For now, I’ll be ok through the end of the month.

What advice would you give to bridal parties wanting to cancel or postpone?

If you’re still planning and finding vendors, KEEP DOING THAT. Ask questions. Most vendors will require a retainer payment, but make sure to select vendors who allow for date transfers in case your date is affected. If you have already found your vendors and now face the reality of postponing your celebration, if you can still make your payments in line with your contract, that helps us so much. We plan our fiscal months and years around those payment dates.

Your vendors are here to help you in any way we can. We’re willing to help!

Any other thoughts during this time?

These are crazy, historic times. If you have kids, they’ll ask you about this. I’ve found joy in documenting and journaling my time. I’m hopeful for the future… I pray this can be a reset for all of us.