Please contact Hearth House if you have further questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions. Please contact Hearth House if you have further questions.

Yes. If you have a date in mind but aren’t ready to commit, we offer a complimentary 7 day hold. This hold authorizes you to have the first right of refusal should anyone else be interested in that same date. Please contact us to check availability and place a hold on a date.

We can accommodate up to 250 banquet style, seated at 5 foot round tables. We can accommodate up to 299 standing reception/theater style. For a more traditional floor plan including but not limited to a dance floor, DJ, buffet/food setup, bar. etc., we can accommodate 200 guests with 8 people per 5 foot round table. If you need to seat more than 200, it is possible and will be dependent upon final layout and number of support staff onsite. Contact us to discuss your needs!

Venue rental rates range from $2,500 – $5,000 depending on the day of the week and time of day.

The venue rental rate includes: use of Hearth House Venue, use of Hearth House Cottage for day-of prep, farmhouse tables, additional tables, wooden cross back chairs, sound system with 2 wireless microphones (not for band or DJ), 82 inch flat screen TV and venue manager.
Chair & table inventory included and available to you:

(25) 5 foot round tables – Need linens

(2) 4 foot round tables – Need linens

(2) 6 foot banquet tables – Need linens

(10) whiskey barrel cocktail tables

(4) 9 foot farm tables

(280) cross back wood chairs

(32) wood benches that seat 5 – 7 people

(6) rolling granite carts

(1) double sided granite display cart

(1) granite bar front

Your full-service, off-premise caterer will be responsible for setup and take down of all chairs, tables, linens, flatware, plates, etc. In addition, they are responsible for the cleaning of the venue at the end of the night. The planner/coordinator, client or hired on vendors are responsible for setup and take down of all decor and personal items brought onto site.

If the client has not hired on a full-service and off-premise caterer, Hearth House will hire staff from a staffing agency at the client’s expense to fulfill the above requirements.

No. We do require every event have a Day-Of Planner onsite for the event. This can be anyone the client chooses as long as they are not a guest at the event. The Day-Of Planner will be responsible for creating and executing a detailed timeline, creating a venue diagram, managing day of vendors and assisting with any personal decor/property brought onsite by the client. If you need recommendations, please reach out to your venue contact.

Hearth House Venue will have a venue manager onsite for the duration of your event. This venue manager will be responsible for the venue itself, assisting vendors and attending to guest’s needs.

Yes, we require:
Liability Insurance: It’s inexpensive and protects you.
$1,000 Refundable Security Deposit

Optional additions: 
Extra Hours: $250/hour
Overnight Honeymoon Accommodations in the Cottage: $1,000

*All food, beverage, decor, entertainment, etc. will be additional fees. 

No. The system is not designed to handle the wattage required by a DJ or live band.

We require all clients to have at least a Day-Of Coordinator. This can be whoever the client chooses to hire on as long as they are insured and not a guest at the event. If you need recommendations, please contact your venue contact. We are more than happy to send some names your way!

Yes! You can supply your own alcohol. However, to guarantee a quality and safe experience, we ask that you use our trusted partner, Peak Beverage for bartending service. Additionally, we highly recommend checking out their Full Service packages and offerings as their prices are very competitive and will likely save you time and money. Peak Beverage can supply all staffing, alcohol, glassware, mixers, garnishes, ice, water bottles, non-alcoholic beverages and a complimentary champagne toast.

If you choose to supply your own liquor, client will be required to sign and agree to our alcohol waiver. In addition, all leftover liquor at the end of the night must go home with a designated sober person.

As far as food goes, we are super flexible. You can choose one of our trusted preferred caterers, find your own favorite caterer, or supply your own food.

1. Full Service Caterer – We highly recommend this option as full service caterers not only provide and serve food, they take care of bussing tables, attend to guests needs throughout the event, and set up and clean up as per venue caterer policy. If you select a caterer that is not on our Preferred List, the caterer must contact us for review of insurance and policy approvals.

2. Limited Service Caterer – Limited Service Caterers bring in the food, may or may not stay to serve it or clean it up. If you use a Limited Service Caterer, Hearth House will hire service staff to meet our service requirements so your guests are taken care of and set up and clean up is covered. Fees for service staff are the responsibility of the client.

3. Supply Your Own Food – You are welcome to supply your own food. However, Hearth House will hire service staff to meet our service requirements so your guests are taken care of and set up and clean up is covered. Fees for service staff are the responsibility of the client. Please keep in mind that there are no refrigerators or warmers on site.

Yes. The catering area is equipped with counter space, a sink and a pass through bar.

No. Hearth House does not supply serving equipment of any kind.

No. Cooking is not permitted in the building. There is a catering staging area designed for professional caterers who bring their own refrigeration and warming ovens.

No, request that your caterer or Peak Beverage provide ice for you.

Yes. An affordable liability policy is required. Hearth House Venue requires a certificate of liability insurance for all events. If you are unable to provide this through existing coverage, our partners at AON are available to accommodate your needs and our requirements.

If you are planning a wedding please go to www.wedsafe.com, for all other events please go to www.privateeventinsurance.com. You may also call them at any time to initiate or during the application process. Their number is 877-723-3933. The following steps are applicable to on-line insurance inquiries:

1. Level of Coverage. Please respond with $2 million of general aggregate and $1 million per occurrence.
2. Host Liquor Coverage. We require this if any alcohol will or may be served at your event. In this section of the application, please respond, YES.
3. Special Wording Box. On the application you will need to put the following:
Hearth House Venue LLC, its officers, employees, agents, managers and members
4. Service Fee: You will pay the insurance carrier directly for this and they take all major forms of credit cards. This will be part of the application process. If the venue has not received a copy of your insurance coverage 14 days prior to your event, we will obtain for you and you will be billed $285.00. This amount will be non-refundable at the time the venue purchases.

There is typically a two business day approval process, please take this into consideration when planning your event. Insurance certificates may not be obtained on a weekend or any holidays. It is the liability and responsibility of the licensee of the facility to obtain and provide a copy of the insurance certificate prior to the event commencing.

Any questions regarding this please contact your venue contact at Hearth House Venue.

You are welcome to decorate Hearth House yourself. Just submit your plan to Hearth House for approval.

Yes. Included is the use of the in-house sound system which includes 2 microphones, a large flat screen TV/Monitor, and speakers. Please note: A live band or DJ cannot use the in-house sound system. It is designed for a cost effective alternative should you decide not to hire a DJ.

Yes. The bride and her girls can use Hearth House Cottage on the day of the wedding.

The Hearth House Cottage is available to the couple only as a Wedding Night Suite, at an additional charge of $1,000.

No. These will either need to be rented or brought in by your caterer.

50% of the Total Venue Rental Fee is due when signing the contract. The remaining 50% balance will be due the following 30 days from the initial deposit unless other arrangements have been made with the Venue. Then, the $1,000 refundable security deposit will be due 30 days prior to your event.

Not typically, but we love to break the rules. Let us know what you need.

If you cancel, 100% of the amount paid goes towards a credit to a future event booked within 180 days of the date of cancellation. No refund is issued if the cancelled event is not rescheduled.

No. Depending on the day of the week, setup and number of staff onsite, we require at least 3 – 4 hours strictly dedicated to setup and take down/cleanup. However, you can use the remaining hours towards your event or more prep time. It is up to you!

At Hearth House Venue we want you to make the day unique and just how you have always envisioned your day! I.E. you can do the ceremony where you want, skip the cake cutting, not have assigned seating, have a 3 hour dance party, it is truly up to you!

Yes, we have a dedicated parking lot at the venue with limited spots. Additional parking can be found on surrounding streets and in public parking lots close to the venue.

Unfortunately, fireworks of any type are not allowed in the Town of Monument. However, ask your venue contact for some other fun Grand Exit ideas!

You will have access to the following inventory:

(25) 5 foot round tables – Need linens

(2) 4 foot round tables – Need linens

(2) 6 foot banquet tables – Need linens

(10) whiskey barrel cocktail tables

(4) 9 foot farm tables

(280) cross back wood chairs

(32) wood benches that seat 5 – 7 people

(6) rolling granite carts

(1) double sided granite display cart

(1) granite bar front


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