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Love for our community is the very foundation of Hearth House

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The Heart in Hearth House

Love for our community is the very foundation of Hearth House.

It is our mission to bring to life a space in which you — a future bride or groom, local business, neighbor or non-profit — can personalize, gather, and celebrate your event with every detail you have envisioned. Take advantage of our relaxed decorating policy and step things up a notch, or embrace the simple, elegant, and homey ambiance we have created and let the expansive two way fireplace, grand hearths and open ceiling trusses surround your event. Whether you are looking for a unique wedding venue or new home for your annual corporate or non-profit event, we have it for you!

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Our History

Hearth House stands on the site of the original Monument Hotel. Built in 1874, this historic hotel was the center of our town’s social events. Sadly, the hotel was lost in a fire in the 1920’s.

The good news is, Hearth House is here to pick up right where the old Monument Hotel left off – the new center for social events!

The Thriving Town of Monument, 1874

The original Monument Hotel in 1874


Our hope is that all who enter Hearth House will feel at home and find delight in the unique experience and cozy accommodations. The heart behind Hearth House is rooted in a genuine passion to gather family, friends, and community through good old-fashioned hospitality with a modern flair. This passion stems from a desire to offer spectacular gathering spaces at unusually fair and affordable prices, without skimping on goods & services.


Nestled between Colorado Springs and South Denver, we are located on the I25 Corridor and tucked in the foothills. Hearth House is located in the quaint town of Monument, Colorado. You’ll find us in the middle of Monument’s Historic Downtown District, surrounded by small shops, local restaurants and parks.


We’ve created a space that caters to your vision for your day. Best of all, your dream venue is possible without breaking the bank. Here are just a few things we love about our special offerings:

  • The option to supply your own alcohol. (BYOB, can’t beat that)
  • Flexibility to book your own vendors or keep it easy and use ours.
  • The opportunity to bring in your own food.
  • Our venue is perfect for small or large events up to 299 guests.
  • An affordable venue means you have more money in your pocket for those special touches.
  • A space designed with a modern and cozy aesthetic in mind.
  • The intimate, mountain feel without the trek.
  • A Bridal Cottage that can be transformed into the perfect space for you and your girls on your special day, or a one-of-a-kind honeymoon suite.
  • A courtesy, no obligation Save The Date policy.
  • Flexible Do-It-Yourself Decorating Options.


Giving back to our community is at the heart of Hearth House. It’s even in our name! A portion of our annual profits are set aside to support our community’s most vulnerable, abused and neglected children.


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